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If you dial into conference calls (Bridges), this app is for you! No more switching back and forth from the dialer and calendar app to type the conference sequence number.


Conference Dialer addresses a problem that many of us have when we need to join a conference call using our device. Typically, after dialing the conference number, you need to type the the conference access code and maybe other numbers such option or passcode. Those codes are provided in the meeting invite so you have to switch back and forth and type it in. If you lucky you succeed to type the entire code without having the conference timed out. Otherwise, you need to start all over again. No more!. Conference Dialer does it for you with one single tap.

Conference Dialer app is now available in the App Store

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Conference Dialer lets you:

  • One Tap Auto Dial Conference Calls using Conference Number, Option, Access Code and Pass Code

  • Modify the Conference Dial Numbers and store them for next time

  • Save up to 10 Conference Predefined Conference Sequence Numbers

  • Speed Dial for the last 5 dialed conference sequence numbers

  • Display all your meetings or filter only conference invites

  • Search meeting based on Event Title, Location, Organizer or Attendees

  • And much more


Event Dial Page
Event Dial Page

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Conference Event List
Conference Event List

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Event Dial Page
Event Dial Page

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Conference Dialer is now free to try and available exclusively through the Apple App Store in the Business category (https://itunes.apple.com/app/id915928598)

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ReplyAll app is an iPhone application which allows users to Reply to All meeting attendees by email or Forward meetings to a new invitee as well as replying by SMS. ReplyAll includes the conference dialer which allows you to join conference calls in just two taps.


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